I'm a a freelance digital media designer from Berlin and I create websites, apps, games and animation witch HTML5 as well as Unity, Flash und After Effects.

Enquiries (local and international) are very welcome at anytime.


Volkswagen Pavilion (2011)

Programmierung, Motiondesign, Konzeption, Animation, Frontend, After Effects, Interface, Medieninstallation

Client: Volkswagen // Employer: Plex

Image - Volkswagen Pavilion

ozori.de Configurator (2007)

Programmierung, Frontend, Web, Konfigurator, Flash, Interface, 3D

Client: bau+art // Employer: Plex

Image - ozori.de Configurator

Autostadt CarDesign Studio (2004)

Programmierung, Frontend, Konfigurator, Interface, Medieninstallation, Director, Shockwave3D, Maya

Client: Autostadt // Employer: Plex

Image - Autostadt CarDesign Studio

GDF Suez Exhibition Stand (2010)

Programmierung, Motiondesign, Animation, Frontend, Flash, Interface, Medieninstallation

Client: GDF Suez // Employer: Plex

Image - GDF Suez Exhibition Stand
Flash Touch-Interface based on XML-Data. (Photo: Plex)

Megapixel Projekt (2008)

Programmierung, Motiondesign, Animation, Frontend, Konfigurator, Flash, Interface, Medieninstallation

Client: Plex // Employer: Plex

Image - Megapixel Projekt


SOMA Teaser Campaign (2013)

Design, Programmierung, Motiondesign, Animation, Frontend, Web, HTML5, jQuery, XHTML, CSS, PHP

Client: Frictional Games // Employer: Frictional Games

Image - SOMA Teaser Campaign
Website for Frictional Games next game project. The core concept was to give the visitors some vague hints about the game, while "unlocking" more content as the time progressed. It went throught four "phases" and is now online as the official site for the game. In collaboration with  David Satzinger (illustration and design).

Post on the dev blog by Thomas Grip (Creative Director at Frictional Games)

Hanseatic Trade Center (2006)

Programmierung, Animation, Web, Flash, PHP, Interface

Client: HTC // Employer: Plex

Image - Hanseatic Trade Center
Fotos: www.hanseatic-trade-center.com / Bernadette Grimmenstein

Chattensoft (2007)

Programmierung, Animation, Frontend, Web, Flash, Interface

Client: Chattensoft // Employer: Plex

Image - Chattensoft

Quartier Stadtmitte (2007)

Programmierung, Motiondesign, Animation, Web, Flash, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Interface

Client: HIH // Employer: Plex

Image - Quartier Stadtmitte

IVU Traffic Technologies (2010)

Programmierung, Frontend, Web, XHTML, CSS

Client: IVU // Employer: Plex

Image - IVU Traffic Technologies

Moving Images

CarDesignStudio (2008)

Motiondesign, Animation, After Effects, Medieninstallation

Client: Autostadt // Employer: Plex

Image - CarDesignStudio

GDF Suez - Multi Screen Exhibition Stands (2010)

Motiondesign, Animation, After Effects, Medieninstallation

Client: GDF Suez // Employer: Plex

Image - GDF Suez - Multi Screen Exhibition Stands
Animation and technical planning for four synchronous display stands as well as video conversion of existing material for HD portrait displays.

ZDFneo TVlab - Niemand hat die Absicht... (2013)

Design, Motiondesign, Animation, After Effects

Client: Phoenix Film // Employer: Phoenix Film

Image - ZDFneo TVlab - Niemand hat die Absicht...
2D Animations for the ZDFneo TVLab entry "Niemand hat die Absicht, einen Flughafen zu eröffnen" ("Nobody has the intention of opening an Airport"). I animated the intro sequence and several other titles, which were aired on public access tv and the tv stations website.

The intro sequence was intended to have the look and feel of a simplistic isometric strategy game.

Made in close collaboration with Anne Pogoda (production, illustration and design) and David Satzinger(ilustration und design)

BTK Web Video Workshop (2012)

Motiondesign, Konzeption, Animation, After Effects

Client: BTK Academy of Design // Employer: BTK Academy of Design

Image - BTK Web Video Workshop

Workshop for the BTK Academy of Design with the Comic Artist Marvin Clifford (storyboards and moderation)

The participants could choose a theme and were filmed on site inside the schools green screen studio. The footage was then used to compose them into prepared scenes for their chosen theme to illustrate the workflow and possiblities of a simple VFX production.

Autostadt SunFuel Lab (2007)

Animation, Motiondesign, After Effects, Medieninstallation

Client: Autostadt // Employer: Plex


Schlittengaudi (2012)

Programmierung, Frontend, Interface, Android, IOS, Facebook, Twitter

Client: mobile.de // Employer: KMF

Image - Schlittengaudi
Development of the IOS and Android version of the 2d platformer "Schlittengaudi 2012" ("Sleigh Fun 2012") with Unity. This gaming app was part of a sweepstake from the largest German car sales web portal "mobile.de". During the campaign, the app was available at iTunes and Google Play.

SDP - Snippet Run (2012)

GameDesign, Programmierung, Sound, Web, Flash, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Facebook

Client: Beatzarre // Employer: Bitteschön TV

Image - SDP - Snippet Run
Development of a browser game for the album release of "Die bekannteste unbekannte Band der Welt" ("The most well known unknown band in the world") from the Berlin based band "SDP". Based on Alexander Gellners (bitteschön.tv) music video for the track "Die Nacht von Freitag auf Montag (feat. Sido)". ("The night from Friday to Monday") It was also the first time anyone could have a listen to the samples of the album, since each level used snippets from the album as background music before release.

Stunt Santa (2011)

GameDesign, Programmierung, Sound, Konzeption, Animation, Web, Flash, Facebook

Client: UFA // Employer: UFA Lab

Image - Stunt Santa

Holiday themed browsergame for the movie and tv production company UFA. The game was featured on the landing page during the holiday season. Developed in close collaboration with Anne Pogoda (production, illustration and design) and David Satzinger (ilustration and design)